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Staying Strong Through It All

Staying Strong Through It All $5.00

We all have moments, times, or seasons of weakness...temptations of the flesh. Just as Jesus did, we have to be able to affirm within ourselves nevertheless, not my will but thy will be done.

Road To Recovery Mini Pamphet

Road To Recovery Mini Pamphet $5.00

How do I start over? How can I get off this roller coaster ride of life? One minute I’m up, and the next minute I’m down. When do I get to experience Your everlasting Joy and Peace, Lord? I use to ask God the same questions. God gave me a Three Step Process to begin my Road to Recovery. I pray this, too, will change your life, and draw you closer to God.

Patience...The Missing Link To Answered Prayers

Patience...The Missing Link To Answered Prayers $5.00

Many believers are not living in the change that the Gospel the Good News brings. Why? It's not that God isn't concerned it's because we do not like to wait on God. God is more concerned with you receiving power to live this life through discipline and patience.


A Life Filled With The Holy Spirit

A Life Filled With The Holy Spirit $5.00

Throughout the scriptures you noticed God operates or does things within a corporate gathering. God's desire is to demonstrate His power so that we will become one with Him and His family of believers. We must pattern our lives after the Word of God in order to reap God's best. This CD will show you how to put yourself in the right position to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Distractions 3 Part Series

Distractions 3 Part Series $13.00

Distractions are anything or anyone that takes your focus from the Word of God. If you want real godly change, it's going to take you getting in His presence daily. This series will help you get rid of "Distractions."

Using Your Storms To Get You To The Next Level Part 1 & 2

Using Your Storms To Get You To The Next Level Part 1 & 2 $10.00

One thing about storms, we will all experience them at one time or another. No matter the cause of the storm, if you would listen to what God is saying, during the storm, He will use the storm to push you to the next level. Maintain your Godly integrity when you are going through your storm, because what you say will keep your storm at bay.

God Blocker Part 1& 2

God Blocker Part 1& 2 $10.00

Removing everything that hinders the anointing. "God Blockers" sole purpose is to keep you from moving forward and maturing in God. "God Blockers" don't mind you being saved, just don't be sincere, holy, or forgiving.

Prayer Driven Life

Prayer Driven Life $15.00

"And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint" Luke 18:1 KJV. Living your life full of pray, talking to God and worshiping Him daily. It is through prayer that you are intimate with God and the joy of salvation is magnified in your life. You make God bigger than anything when you have a prayer driven life.

Speaking The Word - 30 Day Challenge

Speaking The Word - 30 Day Challenge $12.00

This 30-day challenge is to learn how to speak the Word of God over every area of our lives. My prayer for you after you have fully completed this challenge (you noticed “fully” is in bold), is that you will be ready to go to the next level in your relationship with God. If you end this 30 day challenge the same way you began, then retake it for another 30 days, and keep retaking it until you start seeing the manifestation of change in your life! The Bible is very clear on how we are to manage all areas of our lives, and that is to speak the Word only. What does the Word say about our marriages, jobs, children, prayers, words, etc.? One other extremely important truth ~ if it’s not in the Word, don’t speak it! It’s just that simple.

The Flesh Driven Life

The Flesh Driven Life $5.00

Exposing the real issue! We have to remember that our flesh isn't and will never be saved. We have to learn how to put as much time in our spirit man as we do this physical body. Our lives would reflect God in a greater measure. We would begin to see more miracles, and more demonstrations of the spirit. More discipline, more consistency, and less attitude and less anger.

Don't Forget God

Don't Forget God $5.00

Have you noticed there seem to be this mindset of once God blesses me, I no longer want or have to keep my faithfulness and obedience to God. We start out strong with God but not staying strong enough to ultimately receive God's best. Why? Because we have forgotten God. We don't forget who God is but many are forgetting what He said and what He has done in our lives. You must have a made up mind that you are going to give God your best because you can't forget what He's done for you.

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