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What To Expect On Sunday

New Season Christian Church

New Season Christian Church is a ministry that has a passion to see our world and your life change and form into a life of blessings, peace, and prosperity. New Season Christian Church was given to us, by God, because of our desire to share the spiritual harvest God has released into our lives. Here at New Season Christian Church, you will receive more than just a sermon; you will receive a loving family that will be committed to your spiritual growth and development. Here at New Season Christian Church, God has a plan to give you a New Beginning with a New Purpose to turn you into a New Person. If you’re looking for something New in your personal life, your marriage, or your family we believe we have a word and a prayer that will usher the presence of God into any situation. If you would like more information about our ministry or have a prayer request we encourage you to contact us. We are “Sowing the Seed of Change” and praising God for the harvest.

I Love My Church; Building a Ministry that would give people a New Beginning with a New Purpose for their lives. You will experience the Power of God through prayer, praise, and the Word all in 90 minutes.

During our worship services, our trained Children and Youth Ministry workers are ready to welcome your children/youth. Based on age or year in school, your children will be placed in the appropriate Sunday school class.

Children Ministry: To lead all children to be fully devoted followers of Christ. Inviting all kids to know Christ in a way that transforms their daily lives and the lives of those around them

Youth Ministry: Developing our young people as Disciples of Christ. Which will lead them to desire to bring their unsaved friends into an environment where they see a family living with the hands and feet for Christ and come to a point of repentance and faith in Jesus, and then to be disciple on how to actively engage Christian in their world.

New Season Christian Church